API access to odrive

Do you guys have any kind of API exposed for odrive? Your integration work with the different cloud storage providers in and of itself is very valuable. I’m willing to bet many businesses would pay to have access to an API. Very similar to the work nylas is doing with email providers.


Hi @bret.little,
Thanks for the inquiry. This is something we have discussed and have an eye towards in the future, although nothing concrete at this time.

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This would be awesome. More than awesome! We make a product that allows direct access to various cloud storage services inside Adobe CC apps. If there was a way to make one for odrive, it would be incredibly valuable.

@Tony do you have any updates on this point ?

I run a Saas company, maintaining connectors with all cloud solutions is a big pain. You do the job.
So could be great to directly allow our users to sync their data on our SaaS to their current cloud platform (for example Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox) thru a developer API of ODrive.

Nobody do that.

Would be amazing

The odrive team launched a service do do that: Oxygen Cloud, cf https://www.oxygencloud.com/

The api is still limited but we hope further enhancements.

Thanks for pinging this again @clement. For others looking at this, our docs have more information here: https://docs.oxygencloud.com/docs

We also have a separate forum at https://forum.oxygencloud.com