Announcing odrive2!


Hello odrivers!

We wanted to let everyone know that we’ve started rolling out beta versions the next generation odrive platform, odrive2!

odrive2 approaches cloud storage in some new and exciting ways, letting you fully customize and control the way you combine, share, and manage all of your data. We have already released odrive2 web, android, and ios clients, with lots more to come, so folks who are interested in checking it out can start here:

Because of its extensive changes, the odrive2 platform has its own accounts, so you will need to create an account for odrive2 even if you already have one for odrive1. You can then link your same storage to your odrive2 account.

Premium subscribers can get corresponding credit on odrive2 (and still maintain their subscription and benefits on odrive1). Once signed-up, go to this page to read more about this offer and claim your odrive2 credit:

There is a also new forum at, so that will be the place to go if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions.

We hope to see you over there!

Benefits of free version of odrive2
Odrive2 for existing odrive1 users (subscription and features)


We have released the first public beta for the odrive2 Windows client! Read more about it here:

Odrive agent missing features to be used as a professional tool