Amazon Prime Photos folder location in Amazon Cloud Drive?

I read Syncing Prime Photos and Amazon Drive with odrive but it seems abandoned by the user.

I used iPhone app to move photos to Amazon Cloud Drive.

Once it was done uploading, I went to and then the manually-created PhotoVideo folder that I told the app to upload to, sorted by most recent Date Added, and nothing was there.

However, when I go to, these newly-uploaded photos ARE there.

I don’t see an Amazon Prime Photos folder on my Mac’s odrive folder and am a bit confused (where are my photos actually stored?) and sad (I want to find them so I can do stuff with them).

Please help. Thank you!

Hi @cliffordmpaulick,
Make sure you see the files in the location you expect when navigating from Amazon Drive (not Amazon Prime Photos, which is a separate interface and doesn’t make it clear where the files are actually stored).

So go here: and then browse to the location you think the photos should be. If the files are there, make sure those files do not have any illegal characters in them, like a :

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I was trying to explain that I did exactly this and couldn’t find them.

Needless to say, I decided to tell the app to sync to my computer so Odrive can push them up in the expected location so I can be explicit about where they’re stored in Amazon Cloud Drive.


Also, I went to All My Files and did not see these Amazon Photos images, which I thought odd. Is this unexpected?

Hi @cliffordmpaulick,
No it is unexpected. The photos should be somewhere (in some path) in Amazon Drive. Does a search show them somewhere?

They showed them in Photos but couldn’t find any information about where they were stored from the Amazon Cloud Drive site.

Oh well. Thanks anyway.

In my case the images I uploaded via the Amazon Photos web interface ( ended up in Pictures/Web in Amazon Drive (