Amazon Drive UK (not USA) and odrive

I am based in the UK. When I first signed up for Amazon’s unlimited plan, it was only available on, the US site and not the UK Amazon site. Now that the unlimited storage plan is available on the Amazon UK site, I am switching my Amazon Drive account over to instead.
The problem is this… In odrive, I un-link my drive account. Then when i try to link my Amazon Drive UK account, but it redirects me to the site. When I add the email address I signed up for on on the .com site to authorise with odrive, no Drive account with my UK email address is found on the site.
Can someone please advise me if o-drive is not compatible with the accounts at this time and if you plan to add this option to authorise Amazon UK accounts in the future? Seems like a big fail to me at this moment.

Hi @r.cope,
Even though the site comes up, you should be able to login with your UK credentials.

I just created a new account and signed up for Amazon Drive unlimited and I was able to link to odrive successfully using my UK credentials on the linking page.

Can you shared the error you are seeing?

No offense, but I think you are incorrect here. If you are using the same email address for both and for then thats why it found you, it just basically used your account on the authorisation link. My uses a different email address and this is not registered on the account, and hence is not found.

When you tried it, I suspect you used the same email already registered with your account and so it used that .com account for Amazon Drive api. Correct me if I’m wrong. Try using a seperate email address not used on the .com when registering on the and you’ll see what I mean. Again… correct me if I’m wrong I’ve tried this over and over again with the same error. I am at work right now, so will provide a screenshot later.

Hi @r.cope,
We have previously tested this scenario with Amazon UK accounts (with no duplication in user IDs/e-mails). I have also worked with users that have Amazon accounts in different TLDs (not .com) and they have been able to successfully link.

The only reason I tried with a new account yesterday was to make sure something hadn’t changed on Amazon’s side. This was a brand new e-mail I had just created, so it didn’t exist prior to yesterday has only been used to sign-up for Amazon UK.

It should be working, so we will need to start by looking at the error you are seeing.

I got home from work and tested it again. Its now working with no error message. Not sure if I’ve done anything different, or the confusion was caused by my using different browsers for different Amazon accounts. However, managed to achieve what I wanted now. Thanks for the help and advice, appreciated!

Great! Thanks for the update.