Amazon Drive - Same Files being uploaded again and again


For some reason, I have the 9 files on Amazon Drive being uploaded again and again, over and over - it reaches 100%, then it looks like it’s done, only to start from the beginning all over again. The files themselves, of course, are not anywhere to be seen on Amazon Drive. Tried pausing the auto sync and then resuming, didn’t help. Other files were uploaded without any issues (from the same folders).
I have the Mac client, version 6149.

Can you please send the diagnostic report from odrive tray menu, I’ll take a look

Please mention the following details:

  1. File name failing to sync
  2. OS username
  3. Timestamp of report sent

Thank you for the quick reply!
Sent out the diagnostics.

  1. File name (latest one that failed) - Fahrenheit.iso
  2. OS username = yaron
  3. Timestamp = just now (local time = Fri, March 10, 11:50 (GMT+01:00), 2017

Hi @budowski,

It seems like recent attempt of “Fahrenheit.iso” file sync hit a temporary exception “Cannot complete upload” from Amazon Cloud Drive service.

What happens if your change the file name (Fahrenheit.iso to FahrenheitTEST.iso) for time being and see if it makes any difference? also are you able to upload a small text file into folder /Volumes/Backup/Games/Fahrenheit/ without any issue?


Thanks, will try these solutions and get back to you.

Sounds good, btw you can speed up the process by taking out other 8 files from odrive folder and only try with Fahrenheit.iso first.

I have also noticed some network exceptions with these files (NetworkException Broken pipe caused by ConnectionError([Errno 32] Broken pipe) during parallel upload, so I hope one by one upload may help to sync the files by having more reliable connection with the Amazon Cloud Drive service.


OK, looks like renaming the file + moving all other files fixed the issue


Great, thanks for the update…!