Amazon Drive + Prime Quota Question

Now that Amazon Drive changed their pricing, there’s still something unclear:
I’m an Amazon Prime member, which means I have unlimited photos support.
Let’s say I have 1.5 TB of photos, and 0.2TB of files - do I pay as though I have the 2TB tier, or the 1TB tier, since photo support is unlimited for Prime members?


Hi @budowski ,
Amazon states in their FAQ:

Prime members will continue to receive unlimited photo storage as a benefit of their Prime membership, and their photo content is not subject to the over-quota policy

So it sounds like you would only need the 1TB option.

Take a look at this post here for additional details and a link to the FAQ:

I had this as well and cancelled my “unlimited” service option and they refunded what was remaining of my subscription. However I am still showing over quota. I deleted everything I had on their cloud and I had used oDrive to upload most of it. It seems I have “hidden” items now that I can not access to manage. When I do a storage review it shows files and videos eat up most of my space. I managed to discover some of these items by looking through my Prime Photos as it listed some of the videos with durations which helped me identify them.

I also noticed the “recent files” listing at the bottom of the Amazon cloud drive page listed items that I could some times click the “open in folder” button only to have it display a folder with the content of some of the hidden items (which were items I had uploaded together) but the pathing at the top stated “folder was not found” Some of the items I tried this with would not show me the items so I could delete them.

Additionally I am aware there is an Amazon trash can and I cleaned that out too. Some of the times I got errors when deleting multiple items and I had to resort to mainly selecting items to get them to be removed. My only option I think at this point is to wait for the warning period (180 days) to expire at which they will start to delete all over quota items starting with the most recent first. My pictures however appear to still be uploading.

Quick update
I managed to finally trim my quota down by searching for file types! I literally searched for *.zip *.txt *.ISO *.mkv *.exe
I started to get huge lists of files and from there I could delete them. My managed storage finally shows I am in compliance and not 36 Gb over my limit.