Amazon drive not syncing with odrive account

I have a linked amazon drive account that is not in sync. Many recent files that appear on my amazon drive are not syncing through the desktop client, the files don’t show up on the odrive site either.

Is odrive currently experiencing issues with amazon services?

Hi @joeargyle,
We haven’t changed anything with regards to Amazon Drive recently.

I am noticing that I am intermittently having some trouble accessing Amazon Drive’s webclient, right now (just a spinning circle). It is possible that they are having issues at the moment…

I did verify that I am able to upload and download from the odrive desktop and web clients. I also was able to upload a new file via Amazon’s web client and download it via the odrive web client and desktop client. Everything appears to be working normally for me via odrive, at least.

If you send a diagnostic from your client, I can take a closer look at what you might be seeing.

This seems to be independent of the client. There is also some glitchy behavior on the odrive site.
The link below should show what I’m seeing.

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Hi @joeargyle,
How many files do you have in this folder?

The web client behavior may be due to paging, where Amazon is sending us back items out of order, so we will need to request the entire list of items before we can properly sort them. If that is the case then you would need to scroll all the way down until all of the files have loaded and then sort by modified date.

I would like to concentrate on the desktop client, since that is easier to get troubleshooting information from.

  • Are you still seeing that the latest files are not showing on the desktop client?
  • Were you able to send a diagnostic?