Amazon Drive - Adding ODrive Support for File Versioning


I know that Amazon Drive doesn’t support file versions, but I was wondering if ODrive is thinking of implementing this feature? If so, do you know if this is in the works, or something is being currently being planned?



Hi @budowski,
We will support versioning for our backup feature, which is under development. We do not have plans to offer versioning for full sync, but is something we have discussed in the past as a possibility.

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Why not for full sync @Tony? This would be interesting!

Its a possibility, but not something we have planned at this time @rafhob.

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Every day I’m loving odrive more. I just started using the encrypted drive and it is so useful to have a way I can store stuff in the cloud without needing to be paranoid about security or prying eyes. I use it to connect to amazon drive, google, dropbox and onedrive. A consistent method of versioning in odrive independent of whatever the provider has (google, dropbox) would be nice. That way the way I go back in time is not dependent of whatever the provider offer. Having it in the upcoming backup will be a great first step but having it in the full sync would be even better.

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I second this request. I use Google Cloud Storage with Odrive and though I have manually enabled versioning in GCS, accessing the archived versions is not as pretty as a more consumer-friendly product like Dropbox/Box/Sugarsync, etc.