Amazon Cloud Drive - suddenly undeleting/restoring files?

Is anyone else noticing that Amazon Cloud Drive started undeleting files at some time in the last few days?
This seems related to the mass deletion that ocurred in Amazon Cloud Drive back in January 2018.
After the January mass deletion, I ended up re-uploading many, many files to Amazon Cloud Drive.
Now it appears those deleted files are coming back and causing collisions.

The problem manifested itself as Forbidden Files in the Odrive graphic interface.
When I looked at the Forbidden Files Odrive was flagging, via the Amazon Cloud web interface, it turned out that there were 2 files with the same name in that particular folder in Amazon Cloud Drive space! (not on my local hard drive) I believe Amazon is randomly restoring files that were previously deleted and causing collisions.

Is any one else seeing this?
I’m guessing that since it’s Amazon doing it on their end, that we can’t stop it from our local end?


Hi @eric.koester,
There is an on-going issue we have seen with Amazon Drive where previously deleted files will show up in the root of the Amazon Drive, randomly. Take a look at this post for more information and see if it sounds like the issue you are seeing: