Amazon Cloud Drive auth is lost every ~15-30 minutes


I started using odrive yesterday and I tried to sync my amazon cloud drive folder. I didn’t have the folder locally so I started a new sync clicking on the folder and selecting sync and sync subfolders too.

I came back later to find out odrive asking for amazon permission again.
Less than 30 minutes it asked again.

Can I fix this somehow to stop giving permission every ~15-30 minutes and giving permission again and again?

Thank you

Thanks for reaching out about this. You should not be prompted anywhere near this frequently. Can you click on “send diagnostics” in the odrive tray menu so I can take a look?



Thank you for checking this out.

Thanks for the help! We figured out the issue and will be pushing out a fix in our next release. You are actually not likely to hit this issue unless you are downloading lots of stuff. If you don’t need everything down right now you can try selectively syncing until the fix is out.

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