Amazon Cloud Drive as "Live Drive", not synced?

New at this, so sorry for what maybe could seem obvious. The below is a test.

The purpose of my setup is to let Odrive map my Amazon Cloud Drive as a “Live Drive”, not a storage with backup. So whenever I hear the word “Sync”, I hear “Do an upload” as in “Make a backup”.

What I am looking for is to have a folder within in the Odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive folder, let’s say “video”. Now, instead of having a copy on both my local HDD and Amazon, I only wan’t to store it on Amazon. When opening my local media player like VLC, I wan’t to browse to the folder called “Odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/video” and play the video file I just uploaded.

I uploaded a video to Amazon through the Odrive app. The upload speed was about 10Mb/s and after completion I noticed that I could not rename the file. Message: The file is in use by Odrive. I checked the “Syncing-status” and found that sync % progressivly goes up, but it is taking some time to finish.

So not sure what is happening behind the scenes. I am a bit confused by the terms sync/unsync. For the purpose as described above, what would be the correct way to do this?

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It sounds like you are looking for a direct-stream capability, which is not something that odrive provides at this time. Even with a direct stream system, you will generally be caching behind the scenes, but it will allow you to access the file “on-the-fly” as it downloads.

odrive is a sync system. This means changes you make locally will be pushed to the cloud and changes you make remotely will be accessible on your local devices. Our unsync capability allows you to replace files with placeholders, which does accomplish your desire to only store in the cloud. The placeholders allow you to visualize the content you have in the cloud without needing to bring it down locally until you actually need it.

@Tony would such a function maybe be in the cards at a later point?

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Would be a good feature to odrive have! :wink:

If you are purely looking for video streaming capabilities, as in the example given in the first post, we may have something workable soon.

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Nice @Tony! Good to know!

im looking for a way for ODrive to lay out files normally for streaming such as this so it can be used with Media Server programs like Plex and so on.

this way we can stream to our mediaservers from the cloud and send it off again to what ever client we are playing on.

i manage to do this with NetDrive now, but i would like for ODrive to handle it TBH.

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Check out this thread:

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