Allow sorting provider links into subfolders

The fact that the OS will sort the odrive folder alphabetically, coupled with the inability to rename the “Encryptor” and “Spaces” folders, means that it’s difficult to keep a neat, consistent naming scheme for the provider folders.

Currently, I started using things like Purpose - ProviderName (account@emailor.username) but it was getting unwieldy. I am now using various ascii symbols for the purpose, and a descriptive name instead of the provider and email. However, it would be so much nicer if I could have either:

  • The option to say “providers in a subfolder of odrive root” [yes/no] which would put all the folders/cloudf links under say odrive\Providers\xx, separating them from the Encryptor and Spaces folders
  • Ability to create subfolders within the odrive folder to our own liking, with some mapping that the client does to determine which folders are which (possibly with .odrive files?)
  • Some way to rename Spaces and Encryptor, or provide a prefix for them, such that they sort separately
  • Even an option of adding a “Provider Name” prefix to the folders: odrive\Dropbox\xx

I am open to other options, if anyone has come across a similar frustration and determined a good naming/sorting scheme to work around this limitation.

Hi @yukihyou,
These are valid points.

The next generation of odrive will allow for more customization for how things are organized, which will give you the flexibility to set things up along the lines of what you are asking for. Encryption will also be more in-line, vs needing a specific folder where all encrypted content resides.

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