All of my oDrive profile settings gone


Seems like oDrive deleted ALL of my profiles:

I had connections to 2 Amazon Cloud Drives, several Dropbox, Google Drive etc… All is gone now and on my OSX machine, alle files are deleted from my drive.

This is troublesome…

What can I do?


Hi @PatrickMast,
This is odd. The only way links can be removed from your account is if you remove them from the web client, which I don’t think happened in this case, or if the linked folders are deleted from a client and the odrive trash is emptied on that client.

Is there any chance that the latter happened on any of your systems?
Is it possible you were cleaning up a system, or the contents of the odrive folder were moved or deleted and auto empty trash was enabled?

As for re-linking, you should be able to re-link all of those accounts without any problems to gain access back to the data in those accounts.

Yes, I did move a oDrive folder, and yes, my trash is set to immediate. So, when you delete a folder, the Connection in the profile is deleted? Strange behaviour… :wink:


Hi @PatrickMast,
Apologies for the confusion. Deleting an odrive linked folder locally is treated as deleting the link, so odrive picks up that change and removes the link from your account settings.

Were you able to get things linked back up?