All Amazon Drive files have suddenly been unsynced


I have one of my clients with Amazon Cloud Drive and Odrive Premium. Suddenly, last night all the files that she has on the server where converted to CLOUDF File and the originals where sent to the recycle Bin. Thanks God everything is on the Amazon Drive, but now I have to open and download every single folder (and file inside) because she needs to work with them. exactly the same happened to me having the Free Odrive account. For that, I have 2 questions…

  1. Why is that happening?
  2. is there a way that I can reverse the odrive action instead to be clicking one by one?
  3. Is there a way to prevent this to happen again? I have multiple clients with servers and with a lot of information that I don’t want to be restoring again.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Now I have this when I try to recover a folder…

Hi @armontoya,

Please see this thread for some background information on this Amazon Drive issue:

Unfortunately the files will need to be downloaded again. You can issue a recursive sync on the folders you need to download. See our documentation for more details on that:

This is something that is never supposed to happen. We trust that the storage service provider is the authority in knowing what the current state of their own storage is. odrive syncs according to what the service provider tells it. In this case Amazon Drive gave us back false information.

We are discussing ways to try to guard against this type of provider failure while still maintaining that ‘trust’ that is required for sync to work.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look? It may be that odrive is in the process of scanning or syncing, which can delay its ability to initialize every object.

but, I don’t understand how the odrive service automatically sent my folders to the recycle bin.

I have lost all the folder indexation of the folders and files synched with amazon drive.
I started seeing more folders and files that appeared in the root folder of odrive>Amazon_Cloud_Drive, today the folders that were synched yesterday, are not synched any longer. Root folder seems like Pandoras’ box.
It’s going to take me many hours to bring it everything to the right place. Sad news.

Hi @luiscuesta00,
Please take a look at the post above for information about the Amazon Drive issue yesterday.

As for the files in the root, that is a separate, more long-standing issue with Amazon. You can read more about it here: Mysterious unknown files/folders under root Amazon Drive folder

Hi @armontoya,
When odrive sees that there is a remote delete, it will ask the operating system to move that file to the operating system recycle bin, instead of permanently deleting it. In some cases on Windows, unfortunately, the amount of data is too great for the recycle bin and Windows will not move it to the recycle bin and just delete it.

What do you mean with a remote delete? all my files are in Amazon Drive. They were not deleted.

Hi @armontoya,
Please read this post about the Amazon Drive issue yesterday: Sudden Disappearance of all Amazon Drive Files - 2017 - 01 - 23 - * RESOLVED *

Amazon Drive was reporting that all files and folders no longer existed in many Amazon Drive accounts. This lasted about 40 minutes (~4:00PM to ~4:40PM PST).

When odrive asked Amazon Drive for its file listing, Amazon returned an empty list as a valid response. odrive saw this as the files that were previously there were no longer there (deleted) and synced based on that information. Once Amazon corrected their issue, the files listings returned to normal and odrive re-created the placeholder files.

this is a disaster. What should I do. I have about 4 TB files on Amazon cloud drive. The local version of all this has now been wiped from my local drives and in the mean time have started to re-download from Amazon. However there is also copies in my waste basket. I discovered this only when te re-download had already started. Should I stop automatic sync and restore from my waste basket first ? Or just let it go on and re-download all these thousands of files ? for a week or so ?

Hi @amazon,
If you have the files in your operating system recycle bin, you should be able to restore them, which will place them back into your odrive folders and prevent the need to re-download. Please try it with a few of the folder in the trash and monitor the behavior. Stop the current sync activity before you do that (select “stop automatic sync” from the odrive menu at the top).

To prevent this in the future, I’d like to have a dialog box pop up and say something like “Your cloud drive is empty, Do you want to delete the files from your local hard drive??”

And then, if the user clicks YES, then ask AGAIN, “Are you REALLY sure you want to delete all the files from your local hard drive??”

In essence, don’t automatically respond to a DELETE ALL command from the cloud storage.

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You are promoting yourself as a serious service provider, that also means that you should be resilient to bugs like this, the only thing I see from you is blaming someone else.

I had serious issues with odrive totally messing up my folder structures in amazon cloud drive. it does not matter to me where the issue is, if this is in Amazon Cloud Drive or odrive. I ended up with a totally wrecked 5TB cloud storage.

odrive is the only service that has done these things for me.

Hi @hnilsevic,
I am very sorry that hear that you were so negatively impacted.

The issue Amazon Drive had is actually unprecedented. We have never seen this type of behavior from any of the 20+ storage services we integrate to until this incident. It should never happen. odrive actually did what it was designed to do (reflect changes). Now that we have seen that this is a possibility, we are discussing how we can account for this type of failure in the future without negatively impacting usability and sync functionality.

The folder structure issue is another one that is completely unique to Amazon Drive. It is discussed, in-depth, in this thread. Mysterious unknown files/folders under root Amazon Drive folder. It appears to be a flaw in how Amazon auto-deletes or recovers items, although that doesn’t seem to cover all of the odd behavior. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to work around or account for this issue, since odrive is ultimately just showing what Amazon has done to the structure.

Hi @eric.koester,
Thanks for the suggestion. That is one idea that has been discussed so far, although it presents some questions as to what to do next, since now everything is completely out of sync and can’t be brought back into sync unless the remote changes are reflected or the local content is re-uploaded. We are just in the beginning stages of working through this, though, and there are a lot of ideas on the table.

Hi @Tony,

Maybe I’m simplifying and overlooking details, but it seems pretty straightforward to me. You already have this concept and implementation of a ‘Recycle Bin’ within the client where if I delete anything I’m prompted to not only empty the bin, but confirm it. The same exact thing should occur if a deletion (or apparent deletion) occurs on the cloud provider side. There’s no breaking or changing to the ethos of a 2-way sync, because you’re already (smartly) requiring it on the client side. I see no reason at all as to why you wouldn’t implement the same mechanism for the other direction.

If someone wants a pure uninterrupted 2-way sync (which you don’t really have right now due to the client recycle bin anyway), then give them the option by including a “Don’t ask me again” check box in the dialog or make it something in the preferences. Have that apply to both sides of the sync.

Hi @wlansdowne,
Thanks for the feedback. This is one of the suggestions on the table for review.

Hi Tony,

Did you apply a solution for this issue? It is still happening with my personal files. Some of the folders (specially the old ones) where converted to CLOUDF file and now I have to recover one by one, file by file. Since I have Ccleaner to clean my computer every time it is started, the folders that went to the recycle bin, were automatically deleted. I think that you understand how time consuming is this.

Or, do you have an option to revert the process with odrive, so I don’t have to do it manually?

Hi @armontoya,
This issue only happened one time with Amazon, back in January. If you are still seeing something like this then we would need to figure out what is happening there, so let me know if that is the case.

It terms of forcing the download of the data, you can use the CLI to give you a more forceful method of syncing, that is not stopped by hitting too many Amazon Drive errors, for example. Take a look at this post here for details on this: How can I force a recursive download with the CLI?