After extensive deleting files/folders in Amazon Drive, random whack of files/folders reappears in random order/nesting

After extensive deleting files and folders in Amazon Drive (using odrive of course), a random whack of files and folders reappeared, in random order.

I have no idea what happened … I checked on the files and folders via amazon drive directly and from the appearances, the sync had worked fine. A large number of files were gone as planned.
Today I checked in the amazon drive, and there is a giant whack of files and folders there in addition to what I had actually meant to be there, a random assortment of files and folders which are not arranged / nested in ways they were previously.

Also my amazon drive usage indicated never updated as I deleted 500GB of files and folders, and I have been writing to them about that. Could it be that odrive failed to actually delete these, just rearranged them to have them appear back after some time? I don’t get this. Any help would be appreciated.

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