After a year, Odrive stopped sync'ing

Odrive has been a great solution for me over the last year. I have a, (2)Google Drive, and (2) Dropbox accounts that have all been flawlessly been syncing, until now. Nothing is sync’ing in either direction on any of my accounts. I have tried “move odrive folder” hoping this would reset it, no success. Any ideas on other things I could try to get this back on track?

Thank you!

Hi @jeremy5,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

thanks Tony - i just sent it.

Hi @jeremy5,
I don’t see anything that sticks out in the diagnostic. Can you provide a few examples of files paths that are not syncing.

It may be best to add a new file somewhere, wait a couple minutes, and then send another diagnostic, along with providing the path of that file.

it seems to be working now, but there is about a 5 minute delay between when copying a 1.9MB file to the odrive folder and when it appears in Does that seem right? Seemed to sync much quicker before.

Thank you!

Hi @jeremy5,
There are a few things that need to take place to see full reflection:

  • odrive has to pick up the local change
  • The file needs to sync to the storage
  • The storage needs to process and reflect the change

5 minutes is within the normal range, I would say. Are you able to see when odrive starts syncing the change after you add it locally or how long the file takes to upload after odrive picks it up?

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