Accidentally synchronized a subfolder

I’m using the latest version of odrive for Amazon Cloud Drive on a Mac El Capitan.

I synced my Documents folder which has a lot of files in it. During the initial synchronization, I realized I didn’t want to synchronize a particular sub-folder, so I opt-ed to “Stop” that specific folder’s synchronization.

I right clicked on the folder and saw an “Unsync” option. To me, that means you simply want to delete the synchronization link between the cloud data and your local storage. The prompt that comes up if you choose to unsync is confusing, I interpret it as “We’re going to delete your local copy and use a ‘shortcut pointer’ in leu of your local copy moving forward”. This is not what I want. I just don’t want that folder to be synchronized anymore.

Any suggestions?

Hi @hawkins6423,
If you used “sync to odrive” on the Documents folder then everything in that structure will be synced to the location you chose. At this time you cannot choose to not sync pieces of that structure (the subfolder you do not want to sync). If you do not want to sync it you can do a few things:

  • Move it out of the Documents folder
  • Remove sync on the Documents folder (right-click on the Documents folder) and “sync to odrive” on the underlying folders that you do want to sync
  • Rename the subfolder you do not want to sync by prepending a ~ to its name, which will exclude it from sync.

Thanks for the response. I renamed with a tilde prefix and that worked well. Would be a nice feature to add in the future as it took hours to upload the other parts of the folder tree, I could see this problem arising frequently.