Accidentally Delete Folders of External HD Due to Mistakenly Confirmed Unsync

Hi. I am a new user here.
As mentioned in the subject, I have a problem that I accidentally deleted couple sub-folders in my external hard drive. What I wanted to do was actually to exclude the sub-folders from the parent folder that I want to sync. My mistake was I chose the unsync option and it made the folders gone. The worst part I couldn’t find them in my Trash folder. How can I locate and restore those folders? I am using Macbook with the Windows-formatted hard disk.
Thank you in advance for any response.

Hi @lukitoperkoso !

Can you see the folders in odrive via web browser?

Hi @ericodrive
The folder is not yet synced completely so all files haven’t been moved to the odrive completely but deleted already.

Hi @lukitoperkoso

You should have seen a pop-up that clearly identifies that the folders/files will be deleted when performing this action when they are unsync’d

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But in any case are any of the files located in the external drive in trash? If so you can recover from there.

You can also try via terminal:

  1. Open terminal
  2. type - cd /Volumes/DRIVENAMEHERE/.Trashes (where “DRIVENAMEHERE” is the name of your mounted external drive)
  3. type -ls (this will list any and all files in trash if there are any)
  4. if your files are there create a new directory, type - mkdir /Volumes/DRIVENAMEHERE/recover
  5. now you can move files from the trash to an accessible folder, type - mv /Volumes/DRIVENAMEHERE/.Trashes/* /Volumes/DRIVENAMEHERE/recover/
  6. type - cd /Volumes/DRIVENAMEHERE/recover
  7. type - ls (this will show a list of the files moved out of trash)
  8. you can now move the files to any other location you’d prefer at this point

If none of the files show up you can certainly try a data recovery program as well!

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Hi @ericodrive thank you so much for replying.
Yes, eventually I searched a data recovery application and used it to recover my lost folders.
Unfortunately I wasn’t really clear of the warning window and then took the wrong action.
Thank you odrive team!

Hi @lukitoperkoso,
I’m sorry that you ran into this situation but I am really glad to hear you were able to recover your data.

Thanks for the follow-up!