Access token to not renewed automatically?

Really liking odrive functionality. Thanks for the product.
However, I’ve run into a problem uploading a large amount of data to a account. The data is a large number of small (8MB each) files from an OS X sparsebundle, totalling 23GB. The account has plenty of space unused.
Uploads proceed fine for about an hour. Occasionally, probably due to network slowness, one or two files get listed as “Waiting”. However, after an hour, files upload, but are then immediately added to the “Waiting” list. They never make it into my my account. If I leave the upload running all night, I end up with several hundred files “Waiting” and my upload quota (yes, we have data quotas in Australia) has been significantly consumed without anything being saved.
I am working around the problem using an OS X Automator action which runs odrive for an hour, then quits it for 10 minutes, then loops back to run odrive again. This has allowed me to get a lot more of my data uploaded, but is obviously not a long-term solution.
When I was investigating the problem, I came across references to a 1 hour time limit on Oauth access tokens and was wondering if odrive is supposed to automatically renew these tokens to provide continued access to If so, it is obviously not working as my access seems to be limited to one hour blocks.
I’m not a programmer, so I’m not really up on the operation of the APIs to Linked sites. I just know that it is not working for me at the moment.
Can you help me solve this problem, or advise what I can do differently?

Thanks for the report. It does sound like an access token refresh problem, although this shouldn’t be happening. The next time it occurs can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? You will need to send it before restarting odrive.


Hi Tony,

Thanks for responding so quickly.

I’ve just sent a diagnostic report @ ~1826 my time (UTC+10). I hope you can connect it to this issue.

It should show that uploads are failing to be stored on my account and are placed in the “Waiting” state.

I’ll now return to using my workaround script to complete my uploads.


Thanks. We’ve got eyes on it, just determining how to address it. Chances are you won’t see this on normal day-to-day use, but during bulk upload you can hit this.

Thanks for checking this out.
You’re quite correct that I haven’t seen this before. Normally, I am not uploading so much data, and everything has seemed fine.
If you can correct whatever the problem is, it means I can have confidence that even larger uploads will also work.