Access denied to ftp

when trying to configure to the ARUBA’s FTP server I get the message “The FT server could not validate these credentials. You may still be able to connect”.
If I go forward, when trying to accede I get the message “Cannot browse … FTP Error”.
The gateway given by the provider is “”.
Any idea to solve the problem?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @riccardo.toni,
The first message that odrive couldn’t validate the credentials means that odrive was having issues authenticating with that server. Can you double-check the credentials?

Also, once you have linked (with validation), you will not be able to browse from the web client. Only the desktop client can be used to browse and sync with FTP, at this time.

Thank you Tony.
The second part os clear to me, thank you.
However, re the validation of my credentials, I’ve double-checked, but I still receive the error message.
Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @riccardo.toni,
Unfortunately I can’t see any specifics about why the login is being rejected. Are you able to reach out to the provider to see if they are able to provide any information as to why your logins are being rejected?