Ability to preview Documents and Photos (thumbnails)


I have been trying to encourage friends and family to take up odrive but one of the issues they keep complaining about is that if they use odrive they can’t actually see any previews of their photos/images without downloading them - for most of them cloud storage is about photo storage. They don’t usually name their photos when they save them in to places like dropbox so the only way to figure out what they used to figure out what a photo would be was to either view them with thumbnails, or via the explorer preview window or to actually open the item itself. Using odrive the only option seems to be to actually download the item to see what it is which is quite a bit slower than just scanning through thumbnails.

So my feature request would be for odrive to make the .cloudf files actually act more like regular thumbnails and or be able to preview an item without having to download the whole thing (if I remember correctly this is the way onedrive used to work before Microsoft stuffed it - it also seems to be something that pCloud offers with their placeholder cache setup).


Preview Issues in MAC OS

Have you taken a look at the right-click->Open Web Preview option? That will take you to the web preview of that folder so that you can preview the files inside without needing to sync the folder or its contents down.


Hi Tony,
Yes I did see the web preview option.For those of us who really want to make odrive work for them it is a possible workaround - however trying to get the not so computer savvy friends and family to understand that they need to open up a separate web browser to see what they are looking for, then click the photo in that browser to be able to bring up the name of the file, and then cross reference that back to their computer folders before they then try and sync the file that they think is the correct one I think is asking more then I think they are willing to do - especially when they are actually working in another program like photoshop and don’t realise that the haven’t synced the folder yet which is why they can’t find it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to try and make them do it because I’m tired of them all complaining that they have filled up their hard drives, but I just wish it was a little bit easier then it is at the moment.


Agreed! I’ve posted previously about having thumbnails for image placeholders. I think it’s currently one of the biggest drawbacks of using odrive. It would be great to see this feature developed soon.


I agree as well…
I don’t know about windows, but making a Quick Look generator for .cloud files on OSX would be the way to go. Docs and an example:


This feature really is a must have and would make odrive superb. It would solve the main problem with using tiny ssd-s and keeping your photos in a cloud service (or home server) and accessing them through a browser. It is really annoying and there are (not as i know of) any good solutions for accessing these photos and other files from the os file system without downloading them. People have thousands of photos and little space and thus you need to keep them off the hard drive. Accesing them in the computer you need a thumbnail to understand what you are dealing with and you need to know it fast and conveniently.
Odrive is great and will rule this sector if it gets this (and some other things) right.


Boy it would be great if odrive could somehow create and download thumbnails of image files.


This is something we are taking a serious look at, currently. Stay tuned!


Have thumbnails been developed for the pro version at least? I am hesitant to sign up as this is a must have feature for me. Otherwise, I will have to download everything to know what it is.


This has not been released yet. To prevent the need to download everything, however, you can use the right-click->“Open Web Preview” option to browse the images and determine what you want to download that way. It is not as convenient as direct thumbnails in Finder/Explorer, but it can help.


I was wondering if there will be any feature for ‘Preview’ other than ‘Web Preview’. It is really tedious to use web preview when you have tera bytes of files/folders in your cloud storage. Any ETA when this preview features will be available without syncing?



Hi @jalmonte,
We don’t have something scheduled for odrive1 for this, but thumbnail browsing is in the odrive2 client.

The odrive2 client is currently in beta and released on Web, iOS, Android, and Windows. Mac is expected in the coming months.