2182 files wont recover from the Amazon cloud, have to do it file by-file ;-(

I guess I shall download the Amazon desktop app for this :wink:

Hi @Karl_Svozil,
Can you describe the issue you are seeing here? Is there an error message?

If you send a diagnostic, as well, I can take a close look.

thank you for your inquiry!

Well, the program (win 10/64) just stalled and would only let me recover the files on a one-by-one basis – unlike the final erasure. This is impossible to do with 2000+ single files.

I “resolved” the problem with a workaround – by entirely deleting the directory and letting odrive recover that one OK (with a single click ;-).

Let me please emphasize that odrive is important for me, but in view of the Amazon situation it would be essential for me (and I suppose others as well) to be able to migrate to this French cloud service.

Thank you & kind regards,


Thanks for the update @Karl_Svozil. I’m glad you were able to get things working.

Let me know if you run into any other issues trying to download everything for migration.