1 Mac --> 2 users --> 2 odrive accounts = syncing wrong files

Love odrive for years!

Now we have one mac that multiple family members use…
1 ) Samantha: has odrive account and syncs with OneDrive and GoogleDrive
2 ) Bastian: has odrive account and syncs with OneDrive and GoogleDrive

both are logged in in their OneDrive accounts when the start the machine but only one of them can sync (Samantha) because her account was activated first.

Is there a way to tell odrive to use a different odrive account and directories on the same hard drive.

Hi @intl.fairtrade,
The odrive process runs as the logged in user. The binaries are kept in the user’s home folder, so each should be working independent of the other.

Are Samantha and Bastian switching between user profiles without logging out/logging in?
To summarize, you are finding that the first person to login will have a working odrive whereas the second person will not be able to sync with odrive?
What happens when that second person tries to sync?

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Ahhh - awesome.

We both have different user accounts and we log off before the other can log in.

When I am logged in, I only saw Samatha’s files and no sync activity (I had moved her odrive folder into the root directory of a hard drive).

Now, after your message, I dived down the user Mac/Library/User/ directory and there I found my very own odrive folder with a blue tick next to it. Well done! Thanks for the quick help.

Solved :slight_smile:

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Great! thanks for the update.