0 bytes files, how to force re-download

Hi !

I finally downloaded my ACD source before Amazon deletes everything. Almost 800k files and 2,5TB.

Now that it’s finished, I decided to check the files, and I found many files at 0 bytes. Just as if the download failed silently. There are 291 of them on my ACD source (and many more on my Google Drive and other sources).

Is there a way to make CLI redownload these files ? I thought the CLI option “refresh” would do that, but it’s not.

As a side question, how to be sure the downloaded files are checksum-checked ? If odrive lets 0 bytes files pass through, does this mean it also let incomplete download files pass through ?

Thanks !

Hi @salmi.charaf,
Are these files still .cloud/.cloudf files, or are they the “actual” files, but with no content? If they are “actual” files, are they 0 bytes in the cloud too?

odrive has a check that it does when downloading to make sure the local size matches the remote size, or else it abandons the download and it has to be redone. This means that it shouldn’t have any partial/incomplete files.

Maybe you can give me an example of one of the files?

They are actual files with no content that are not 0 byte files in the cloud too.

Example, I have a file named “./Amazon Cloud Drive/Débarras/block-testing-master/BlockTesting/Blocks.h” which is 0 bytes locally but 398 bytes in the cloud.
I also have a Google drive file ("./Google Drive - charaf.salmi@gmail.com/abc.pdf") which is 0 bytes locally but 1,491,369 bytes in the GD cloud.

I am currently manually checking these because I didn’t find a way to CLI check remote file sizes.

Hi @salmi.charaf,
Hmm. Yes this is unexpected. A change was made in the odrive Desktop client back in May to perform an extra verify of the file size before a file was considered synced. I just went back and double-checked the logic and there shouldn’t be a way to have a 0 byte file locally unless it is a 0 byte file in the cloud, it is a placeholder, or the remote storage is reporting the size incorrectly (or not reporting a size, at all).

Did you happen to be using odrive before mid-May? If so it could be that these files were synced prior to that change going in. If not, then it is something I need to look more into.

Do you have access to the unsync feature (Premium subscriber)?

Hi !

I have a good new and a little bad new.

Good new : On ACD, I’ve manually checked my 0 byte list of files (every single line !), the only one faulty was the one I mentioned before, and it was not empty because of ACD/odrive, but because a misreading on my side. I am sorry for this. Given that, I think that we can trust odrive more than myself and that we won’t have to checksum all the files.

Bad new : I also checked every single file on GDrive, and I can confirm that we have three 0 bytes files. I can show you through Teamviewer if you like. They are old files, but the point is that this shows a possible bug.

./Google Drive - charaf.salmi@gmail.com/abc.pdf – 1491369 bytes – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ksvP-V-n1fIipfgmVn_BMt9utPjVp3HSEKaG8ev5-vqsiSoQok6CKs-csI6M
./Google Drive - salmi.charaf@gmail.com/Charaf Salmi international CV.docx – 11368 bytes – https://drive.google.com/open?id=15PwSHx-iof0-DoGCFDJ-EgHM4VtToDszQXg16G7vtVdtu2peVlaty8Zrs7ex
./Google Drive - salmi.charaf@gmail.com/Prototypage et co-conception.pptx – 56442 bytes – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bNwk907ATWWS-w4Tq2E2YcILmgpbCRCJmEayAN9Q_M0c7RmasebtsdPnsw_a

I’ve installed odrive on July 2018.

Regarding the premium subscription: no, I am not because I would like to be billed monthly instead of annually. You do a great job but I’ll only be using this great software once. I’m definitely quitting cloud solutions because Amazon caused me soooooooo much troubles, I don’t have any trust any more in any of these mainstream cloud providers. However, if possible, I would love to make a donation.

(NOTE : I know my files are publicly visible)

Hi @salmi.charaf,
Thanks for the follow-up.

These 3 files are files that were downloaded from Google Drive via odrive?

Can you send over a diagnostic so I can see if reveals anything concerning these files?

Yes, these 3 files have been downloaded from GD via odrive to my harddrive.

Diagnostic sent !

Hi @salmi.charaf,
I took a look at the diagnostic. It is interesting. The 3 files you listed above were all updated at ~12:31-12:33 a.m., so about 2 hours before you sent the diagnostic.

They were updated locally due to the result of a remote changes query to Google, which reported that these files had changed. Google Drive also reported that these files were 0-byte files at the time of the update.

Can you take a look at the history for these files in the Google Drive web client (information icon), and tell me what it shows? Does it show recent updates?

I confirm that it says that it has been recently modified, but, I guess that it’s because of the public link I pasted earlier. I suppose that when somebody creates a new sharing link, it also updates the last modification date.


Despite of this modification, nothing has changed on the filesystem regarding file’s sizes, even though the modification date is different (it now says “Today/aujourd’hui at/à 00:32”) :


Hi @salmi.charaf,
The problem seems to be that Google is reporting these files as 0-byte when odrive asks for the listing and the download. Can you see what happens when you try to download the file from the odrive web client? Does the size appear correct there?

If you can create a Space with one or more of the files in it and share it with me, I can debug this further, as well. If this is an option for you, you can send me the info in a direct message.